Dc Crete provides Vibracrete wall installation in Cape Town and surrounding areas. This unique design not only provides security but gives a compound a stylish look. Our services aren’t limited to only vibracrete walls. They extend to Wood fencing, depending on the client’s preference. Any homeowner can build these walls around his/her property.

There is a wide range of variety, property owners can choose from in terms of heights and materials. The wall can be as low as 30cm and as high as 2.4m. Homeowners prefer Vibracrete walls because they come in different patterns and styles. Homeowners can request a custom-made design to suit his/her own personal preference. Moreover, these walls can be painted to blend with the surrounding environment.


Our services

Here is a list of services we offer to clients within Cape Town and its environs:

  • Erecting new walls on newly acquired properties
  • Replacing metallic or shrub fences
  • Helping homeowners plan how to fence their premises
  • We repair Vibracrete walls
  • We can extend the height of Vibracrete walls


Why should you consider Vibracrete walls?

Homeowners choose Vibracrete walls for various reasons. Here are some reasons you should consider building Vibracrete walls:

  • They offer good security-These are one of the few walls that can provide you with good security. These walls are very strong in that they are difficult to destroy or break into. Security experts recommend these walls as they can be extended to higher heights.
  • They offer privacy-As earlier stated, these walls can be custom made to meet someone’s needs. This applies to both height and width. Moreover; these walls are opaque in that no one can see through them. These walls give an assurance of the desired privacy.
  • There are many designs to choose from-People have different tastes and preferences. Our Company has a wide range of variety for people to choose from. We also offer advisory services to homeowners who have no idea on where to begin.

One of Vibracrete wall installations in Cape Town

Why choose us

We understand there are many Companies that build Vibracrete walls in Cape Town. Here are a few reasons that make us stand out from the rest:


We have been building vibracrete walls for our clients for over 20 years. Our experts have displayed professionalism over the years. This ranges from timely completion of projects, delivering tasks as instructed by clients and use of high-quality Vibracrete slabs among others. You can confirm the above details through online reviews and testimonials from our current and previous clients.

Highly trained experts

Our Company has established strict recruitment protocols to help us hire highly trained and qualified experts. All our employees are hired on merit. This is what has enabled us to deliver high-quality services.


Our Vibracrete walls prices are extremely affordable. We are what you have been looking for. Hiring us will not get you a Vibracrete wall, but also save you a lot of money in the long run. We have a reputation for delivering high-quality services regardless of our affordable prices.


Dc Crete is located in Cape Town Southern Suburbs and our services extend to Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

Contact us today and let us secure your premises and give your Home a unique look.